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Skin-Specific Facials

Whatever your skin type and condition - normal, dry or oily/combination, or sensitive, dehydrated or congested - there will be a specialised facial from one of our premium brands to suit you best.   These facials use masks, serums and other facial products all prescribed especially for your skin type and condition.  Please also ask for advice when booking or from your therapist.   Complimentary steam and snooze with all facials - ladies only.

Thalgo Skin Specific Facials

Thalgo have an excellent range of facials for each skin type and condition., utilising the properties of marine-based ingredients for natural and targeted skin treatment.   We offer five of their facials plus a special extreme comfort treatment for the eyes

Extreme Comfort
For dry or very dry skin, a warm gelatin-based mask is used to soothe the skin and improve lipid levels to give back comfort and radiance.   Also available as an intensive eye treatment for dehydration lines, congestion, puffiness, and dark circles

Extreme Comfort Face (55 mins)   £60.00
Extreme Comfort Eyes (40 mins)   £49.50
Ex Comfort Face & Eyes (70 mins)   £90.00

Cold Marine          55 minutes   £60.00
For sensitive or delicate skin, a soothing and cooling mask uses Thalgo’s flagship deep-sea ingredient, Hyposensine, to de-sensitise the skin, reducing redness and blotchiness, and providing a haven of relaxation

Rebalancing          55 minutes   £60.00
For congested, oily/combination and problem skin, natural seaweed rich in vitamins and minerals deep cleanses and purifies, promoting a clearer, tighter skin surface and less visible pores

Oxygen          55 minutes   £60.00
For dull, polluted, or lustreless skin, marine algaes, vitamins E and F, and marine BHAs give an immediate radiance boost, stimulating exfoliation and oxygen absorption for brighter, clearer skin

Hydra Moisture Source          55 minutes   £64.00
For dehydrated skin, this moisturising ritual leaves skin softer and with noticeably better texture, featuring a relaxing massage and a mask of active marine nectar.   Good for all skin types, including maturer skins

Guinot Skin Specific Facials

Guinot's whole skincare rationale is based on using a combination of nature and science to deliver highly effective skincare ingredients that are right for your skin.   Hydradermie, an exceptional treatment, is at the heart of the Guinot salon experience and is customised to meet your skin's individual needs, whether normal, oily, dry, sensitive or mature

Hydradermie          70 minutes   £69.00
Guinot’s signature facial can be tailored for every skin type and condition by your therapist.   A spectacular treatment with an international reputation, this gives visible and immediate results for the face and neck.   Please see our “Regular and Repeat Facials” section

Beaute Neuve          55 minutes   £59.50
Gentle peeling facial that uses the natural exfoliating properties of fruit AHAs to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation, rehydrate the skin and maintain the skin’s natural pH.   Excellent for dull, lifeless skin
Course of 3 £160.50

Clarins Advanced Facials

Clarins Advanced Facials use highly concentrated Clarins Pro-Active formulas together with specialised Clarins Touch facial massage movements to give an intensive and relaxing skin treatment.   The pro-active products are seven times more concentrated and effective than standard products.   We offer 3 excellent skin specific facials.

Radiance Ritual          70 minutes   £70.00
An immediate radiance and vitality boost for dull, tired-looking skin that’s lost its sparkle - the secret is vitamin C and E-rich Kiwi, the super-fruit with the highest content of skin-protective antioxidants

Thirsty Skin Smoother          70 minutes   £70.00
Delivers a moisture rush to dehydrated or sensitve skin, to counteract the effects of pollution, air-conditioning and stress upon the facial skin - the secret is Himanthalia Elongata, a moisture-retaining and mineral-rich algae

Oily Skin Rescuer          70 minutes   £70.00
Pure genius at regulating excess oiliness and rescuing oily or combination skin from breakouts, shine and open pores - the secret is purifying properties of powdered bark from the Burmese Tanaka Tree