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Spa and Body Treatments

As a day spa and a Thalgo Crystal award salon, we offer a very wide range of spa and body treatments to help you get back into shape or look and fell your best for a special occasion.   All our body treatments come with a complimentary shower, steam and snooze (ladies only) - with a towelling robe, towel, locker, refreshments and use of our relaxation room.   Arrive 15-30 minutes before your appointment to take full advantage

Firm, Tone and Contour

We offer a number of effective treatments to support you getting back into shape or staying in shape, and to help you firm, tone or contour your body.  These can be the perfect way to support a weight loss programme, an exercise routine, and to help recover your figure after pregnancy - or to get back into a favourite dress for a special occasion.

Frigi Thalgo        Full treatment (55 minutes)    £58.00
An Escape favourite, this cold wrap treatment (with camphor and menthol) is highly effective in eliminating excess fluid from the hip and thigh area, and can be used by your therapist to target areas of cellulite or relieve tired legs

Also as a treatment for Specific Areas (40 minutes)   £48.00

Thalgomince Contouring Body Wrap          55 minutes   £60.00
A gentle body wrap enhances the silhouette, and tightens and tones localised areas. Combines rebalancing algae with contouring and anti-cellulite creams to strengthen skin elasticity and help break down fatty deposits. Perfect to support a weight loss programme or after pregnancy

Thalgo Bust Modelling           55 minutes   £58.50
Intensive treatment to firm, enhance elasticity and re-contour the bust. Uses a high performance liposome serum, marine source elastin extract, bust firming cream and a modelling mask

Thalgo Pregnancy Pamper          55 minutes   £64.00
Intensive skin conditioning to improve skin’s natural elasticity. Gentle massage with stretch mark cream is combined with a Thalgomince contouring body mask. Can be used safely throughout pregnancy after 1st trimester

Guinot Body Bien Etre          70 minutes   £70.00
A body scrub combined with a relaxing massage, using energising and toning essential oils.   Your therapist will also use specific Guinot lifting and firming body creams to target areas of concern

CACI Quantum Body Lift

A wide range of body toning treatments are available, using electro-therapy rollers and body pads.   The system uses pre-programmed modes for slimming support, toning and shaping, lymphatic drainage and treating cellulite.   Your therapist will design a course of treatments to meet your needs

The Caci Face and Body Lifts can also be combined into a single treatment session

Body Pads (40 mins)   £46.00
Body Rollers (25 mins)   £40.00
Course of 6 x 40 min Body Pad sessions   £242.50

Caci Face and Body Lift (85 mins)  £89.50

Looking Good and Feeling Good

We also have a number of effective treatments to help you look and feel your best at all times, whether preparing for your holiday or that special occasion or just needing your skin to feel smooth, supple and well cared for.

Marine Prelude - Special Body Polish          55 minutes   £60.00
Thalgo sea salt body polish combined with a mineral-rich dead sea mud wrap provides the ultimate in exfoliation. Intensive hydrating cream leaves the skin satin smooth.   Ideal before holidays and special occasions

Body Polish          25 minutes   £38.50
A full body exfoliation and moisturising treatment to reveal smooth, supple skin.   An essential pre-holiday ritual or before that special occasion

Aromatic Body Balancer          55 minutes   £56.00
Pure pleasure and a must for out-of-condition skin.   Aromatherapy massage helps the absorption of the custom-blended oils and body creams, which deeply replenish as they firm, detoxify and relax.   The secret is Clarins 100% pure plant body treatment oils

Marine Algae Body Wrap         55 minutes   £60.00
Thalgo’s deeply relaxing and detoxifying signature body wrap, using miconised marine algae mask.   Excellent for skin conditions (eg psoriasis, eczema), for general well-being, and to relieve aches and pains

Re-Balancing Back Cleanse          55 minutes £57.00
Deep cleanse treatment for congested, oily and problem backs, with marine algae mask rich in minerals and marine extracts to sooth and balance