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We use the tried and tested warm wax strip method for most of our waxing because it is quick, effective, and simple. Hot wax is also available for especially sensitve areas.   We use Oritree warm wax and Perron Rigot hot wax, observe professional hygiene practices, and pass on relevant home care advice.

Unlike other salons, we offer a large number of waxing combinations (for example, Upper Leg and Brazilian), priced at a discount of at least 7% to the the total of the cost of the individual treatments.  Do take this into account when comparing prices.

Regular Bikini   £15.75
High Bikini   £20.00
Brazilian Bikini   £28.50
Hollywood Bikini   £39.00
Half Leg   £23.50
Half Leg & Regular Bikini   £36.25
Half Leg & High Bikini   £40.00
Half Leg & Brazilian   £48.00
Half Leg & Hollywood   £57.50
Upper Leg   £25.00
Upper Leg & Regular Bikini   £37.50
Upper Leg & High Bikini   £41.50
Upper Leg & Brazilian   £49.50
Upper Leg & Hollywood   £59.00
Three-Quarter Leg   £27.00
ThreeQuarter Leg & Regular Bik   £39.50
Three-Quarter Leg & High Bikini   £43.50
Three-Quarter Leg & Brazilian   £51.50
Three-Quarter Leg & Hollywood   £61.00
Full Leg   £34.75
Full Leg & Regular Bikini   £46.50
Full Leg & High Bikini   £50.00
Full Leg & Brazilian   £58.50
Full Leg & Hollywood  £68.00
Underarm   £13.75
Lip   £12.25
Chin   £12.25
Lip & Chin   £19.00
Face   £19.00
Forearm   £22.00
Full Arm   £30.00

Hot Wax

We also offer Perron Rigot hot wax for those sensitive bikini lines areas.  These treatments take a little longer and cost a little more but are well worth it 

Lip or Chin  £15.25
Lip & Chin  £24.00
Regular Bikini  £21.00
High Bikini   £25.00
Brazilian Bikini   £39.00
Hollywood Bikini   £49.00

Waxing For Men

We also offer chest and back waxing for men and a have a number of regular male clients

Full Back   £39.00
Partial Back   £28.00
Full Chest   £39.00
Partial Chest   £28.00

Some Waxing Tips

- Please avoid hot showers or baths for 24 hours before and after waxing

- Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours before and after waxing

- Gently exfoliate waxed areas at least once a week to discourage in-growing hair

- Self-tan - wax all areas at least 48 hours before a self-tan application

- Bikini waxing - avoid clothing lightly rubbing or chafing immediately after treatment

- Bio-depil is a natural hair growth retard lotion that minimises in-growing hairs.   Apply immediately after waxing.