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Treatments for Men

We have a number of men as regular clients, particularly for chest and back waxing and for aroma massage.  Steam and snooze and use of the showers, steam-room and relaxation lounge are unfortunately not available to men as we only have one set of facilities and it is a condition of our licence that these facilities are for ladies only.  Our services for men are therefore effectively those of a large beauty salon rather than a day spa.   We do hope that you will appreciate our efforts to make you welcome and to give you an excellent standard of treatment.   We have a wide range of services available to men as set out below, under Waxing for Men, Massage and Hot Stone Therapies for Men, Regular Facials for Men, and Hands, Feet and Eyes

Waxing for Men

We use the tried and tested warm wax strip method for most of our waxing because it is quick, effective, and simple.   We use Oritree warm wax, observe professional hygiene practices, and pass on relevant home care advice.

Full Back   £39.00
Partial Back   £28.00
Full Chest   £39.00
Partial Chest   £28.00

Massage and Hot Stone Therapies for Men 

Regular massages are a wonderful way to relax and also help detoxify your body and deal with those aches, pains and muscular tensions.   For all our massages, we use top quality pre-blended oils by Clarins and Fleur.   For our hot stone therapies, we use Thalgo oils and creams, with cold marine stones for invigoration and hot volcanic stones for their muscle-relaxing and decongesting properties.   The stones are placed in various combinations and patterns to stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, and to reduce inflammation

Aroma Massage

Our House Classic massage is personalised to suit your individual needs.   Our therapists are skilled in many different massage tecniques, in particular Swedish, Therapeutic and Aromatherapy-based.   They will combine elements from these to suit your mood, whether you are looking for a relaxing treat or a firmer and deeper massage.   Please discuss any specific problems that you may have with them

Full Body (55 mins)   £54.00
Back & Shoulder (25 mins)   £40.00
Ache Specific (40 mins)   £47.00
Full Body & Ache Specific (85 mins)   £75.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to help release chronic tension, using slow strokes and deep finger pressure. May cause some soreness during or after the massage

Full Body (55 mins)   £54.00
Back & Shoulder (25 mins)   £40.00
Ache Specific (40 mins)   £47.00
Full Body & Ache Specific (85 mins)   £75.00

Face, Scalp and Back Massage          25 minutes £42.00
Relaxing and therapeutic massage to these areas of frequent high tension, using Clarins or Thalgo facial oils

Hot Stone Body Massage         55 minutes £61.00
Wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage using hot volcanic and cold marine stones

Hot Stone Facial Treatment          70 minutes £73.50
A wonderfully concentrated and relaxing facial treatment, incorporating a number of stages of face and neck massage using hot stones, a marine face mask, a foot massage, and finishing with a brief cooling massage with cold marine stones 

Regular Facials for Men

Regular facials are extremely beneficial, especially if you take one every four weeks, matching the normal skin’s 28 day renewal cycle. Your therapist will recommend one for your skin type, maturity and condition, and will also recommend a regular regime and products for you to use at home to maintain your skin in tip-top condition

Personal Blend Facials (55 minutes)

Our House Classic prescription facials are tailored to your individual skin type. Ideal for first-time guests and as a sound base for a regular skincare regime.  Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged, a mask is applied to nourish the skin whilst hands or scalp are massaged, and a finishing cream applied

Clarins Personal Blend   £52.50
- excellent for regular Clarins skincare users
Thalgo Personal Blend   £55.00
- for those who prefer marine based products
Guinot Personal Blend   £55.00
- for Guinot users not opting for a Hydradermie

Escape Extra Relaxing Facial          70 minutes £70.00 
Clarins, Thalgo or Guinot personal blend facial with an extra long massage for face, scalp and shoulder to give an exceptionally relaxing experience

Escape Pick Me Up Facial          25 minutes £40.00
Mini-facial with Clarins, Thalgo or Guinot products to cleanse, sooth and refresh. Ideal when pressed for time or conmbined with grooming treatments

Steam and Extraction (Add-on)          10 minutes £11.50
A steam and extraction phase can be added to any of our personal blend or pick me up facials

Guinot Hydradermie

A spectacular treatment with an international reputation, this gives visible and immediate results for the face and neck. Our most popular regular facial, it can be tailored by your therapist to your individual skin type and condition.

Hydradermie (70 minutes) £69.00
Course of 3 £186.00
Course of 6 £364.00
Eye Hydradermie (25 minutes) £44.00

Caci Non-Surgical Facelift

Caci has attracted an unrivalled celebrity following and is now to be found in the world’s leading clinics, salons and day spas.   It utilises a concept developed for medical application.   A very low micro-current delivered via a set of hand held probes is used to gently stimulate connective muscle tissues, gently reminding muscles of their original position.   A series of sessions will re-enforce the message to the muscle - re-educating it to maintain its new position, resulting in a noticeable improvement in muscle tone, a glowing skin and reduced puffiness

Caci Face (55 minutes) £63.50
Course of 3 £171.50
Course of 6 £364.00

Caci Eye (25 minutes) £44.00

Super Caci (85 minutes) £91.50
- extra work is done on problem areas

Caci Face Add-on (25 minutes) £43.00
- adds a lifting phase to most other facials

Hands, Feet and Eyes

Nourishing Manicure        25 minutes   £24.00
To promote natural healthy nail growth.   Cuticle tidy, nail bed massage, nail tidy and shape.   Finish with Jessice treatment application but no polish

Sixtus Nourishing Pedicure          25 minutes   £25.50
To promote natural healthy nail growth.   Cuticle tidy, nail bed massage, nail tidy and shape.   Finish with Jessice treatment application but no polish

Eye Treatments
We offer a range of grooming treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes, and our eyebrow wax and tidy is one of the spa's most popular treatment.   Please note that a patch test is essential before your first tint

Eyelash Tint   £20.00
Eyebrow Tint   £13.25
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint   £28.50
Eyebrow Tweeze   £18.50
Eyebrow Wax & Tidy   £13.75