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Massage & Hot Stone Therapies

Regular massages are a wonderful way to relax and also help detoxify your body and deal with those aches, pains and muscular tensions.   For all our massages, we use top quality pre-blended oils by Clarins and Fleur.   For our hot stone therapies, we use Thalgo oils and creams.

All our massages come with a complimentary shower, steam and snooze (ladies only) - with a towelling robe, towel, locker, refreshments and the use of our relaxation lounge.   Best to arrive 15-30 minutes before your appointment to take full advantage - your massage will be more effective if you have relaxed in the steam-room first

Aroma Massage

Our House Classic massage is personalised to suit your individual needs.   Our therapists are skilled in many different massage tecniques, in particular Swedish, Therapeutic and Aromatherapy-based.   They will combine elements from these to suit your mood, whether you are looking for a relaxing treat or a firmer and deeper massage.   Please discuss any specific problems that you may have with them

Full Body (55 mins)   £54.00
Back & Shoulder (25 mins)   £40.00
Ache Specific (40 mins)   £47.00
Full Body & Ache Specific (85 mins)   £75.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to help release chronic tension, using slow strokes and deep finger pressure. May cause some soreness during or after the massage

Full Body (55 mins)   £54.00
Back & Shoulder (25 mins)   £40.00
Ache Specific (40 mins)   £47.00
Full Body & Ache Specific (85 mins)   £75.00

Face, Scalp and Back Massage          25 minutes £42.00
Relaxing and therapeutic massage to these areas of frequent high tension, using Clarins or Thalgo facial oils

Body Polish Add-On          15 minutes £17.00
Full body exfoliation. Prepares skin and increases effectiveness of a massage or body wrap

Pregnancy Massage          55 minutes £58.00
Mother and baby are comfortably supported on a couch with a special pregnancy cradle. To relieve stress and loosen back, neck and hip tension. Must be past 1st trimester - please advise how many weeks pregnant
Also 40 minutes £49.00

Cellulite Massage     25 minutes £43.00
Focusing on areas of cellulite, with a brisk application of oils blended to stimulate circulation and the body’s own detoxification system

Sea and Senses - Hot Stone Therapies

Thalgo has created the Sea and Senses treatments for unrivalled relxation and effectiveness, using cold marine stones for invigoration and hot volcanic stones for their muscle-relaxing and decongesting properties.   The stones are placed in various combinations and patterns to stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, and to reduce inflammation.   Produces a deeply relaxed state of body and mind

Hot Stone Body Massage         55 minutes £61.00
Wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage using hot volcanic and cold marine stones

Hot Stone Body Treatment          70 minutes £73.50
Combines a full body exfoliation using marine algae cream with a hot stone body massage

Hot Stone Facial Treatment          70 minutes £73.50
A wonderfully concentrated and relaxing facial treatment, incorporating a number of stages of face and neck massage using hot stones, a marine face mask, a foot massage, and finishing with a brief cooling massage with cold marine stones

Steam and Snooze - Ladies Only      

If you just feel like crashing our for a relaxing session but don't need or fell like a beauty treatment, why not treat yourself and book in for a steam and snooze.   Shower, soak in the steam-room and snooze in our relaxation lounge.   Towel, locker and robe provided

30 minutes £21.50