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Anti-Ageing Facials

Maturer skins need more concentrated and focused treatments to help counter the effects on the skin of pollution, sun damage, hormonal changes, and the general ageing process.   We have a number of effective and top-of-the-range facials, using specially developed masks, serums and creams, as well as lifting facials.   Please ask for advice when booking or from your therapist.    Complimentary steam and snooze with all facials - ladies only - so arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to take full advantage of our facilities and  turn your treatment into a really relaxing experience

Thalgo Anti-Ageing Facials

Thalgo have an excellent range of facials for maturer skin, utilising the properties of marine-based ingredients for natural and targeted skin treatment.   We offer four of their facials plus special Collagen Velvet treatment for the neck and eyes, eyes and lips.  We highly recommend these treatments

Collagen Velvet

A luxurious treatment for mositure deficiency, fine lines and wrinkles, and ideal for sun-damaged and dehydrated skin conditions.   An all-over pure native collagen mask is used, together with protein rich serums and marine extracts.   Includes Thalgo’s special anti-ageing face massage.   Also for fine lines and crow’s feet of the eyes, neck and lips

Face (55 mins)   £75.00
Neck and Eyes (55 mins)   £75.00
Eyes (40 mins)   £63.00
Lips (25 mins)   £50.00

Absolute Rehydration          70 minutes  £77.50
A luxury nourishing treat using Collagen patches and vegetal milks to soften dry skin, leaving it silky to the touch.   Excellent to treat the fine lines and wrinkles associated with dehydration, both in maturer skin and also in younger, dehydrated skin

Fundamental Wrinkle Control          55 minutes  £80.00
Specially designed to target specific problematic lines and wrinkles, an innovative dual action mask is applied, with active Hyaluronic mask strips for specific lines and wrinkles, and with an all-over gel mask for intense moisturising and hydrating.   Includes Thlalgo’s special anti-ageing massage

Exceptional          55 minutes  £90.00
This is our top-of-the range facial and an ideal treat before that special occasion.  Ideally suited for all skin types concerned about ageing and showing signs of hormone deficiencies i.e. lack of skin tone, dehydration and fragility.   An exceptional treatment that uses a unique mask with a “second skin” effect and with extracts rich in natural cellulose and algae hormones - for intense moisturising, soothing and uplifting

Guinot Anti-Ageing Facials

Guinot's whole skincare rationale is based on using a combination of nature and science to deliver highly effective skincare ingredients that are right for your skin.   Hydradermie, an exceptional treatment, is at the heart of the Guinot salon experience and is customised to meet your skin's individual needs, and is excellent for maturer skin - using special serums and gels.  We also offer a number of lifting facials, Hydradermie Lift and Liftosome, and also the star treatment, Hydradermie Plus, which is one of our most popular anti-ageing and luxury facials 

Liftosome          70 minutes    £77.50
Recently completely reformulated based on the latest Guinot research, the Liftosome facial was developed specifically to treat the problems associated with maturer skin.  Revitalises tired skin, lifting wrinkles and fine lines, with anti-oxidant vitamin C and a thermal mask

Hydradermie Plus          85 minutes   £88.50
World-famous anti-ageing version for the face, neck and eyes of Guinot’s signature treatment, using special additional gels and serums - wonderfully luxurious and effective.  We highly recommend this treatment

 Hydradermie Lift          55 minutes   £61.50
Anti-ageing facial with a lifting phase, using gentle micro-currents to target areas of fine lines around eyes, mouth, nose and across forehead

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe          70 minutes   £78.50
This is a wonderful combination treatment using Hydradermie Lift with an added massage and customised mask to further enhance the lifting effect

Clarins Advanced Facials

Clarins Advanced Facials use highly concentrated Clarins Pro-Active formulas together with specialised Clarins Touch facial massage movements to give an intensive and relaxing skin treatment that was specially developed for maturer skins needing a more focused and pampering treatment.  The pro-active products use highly concentrated plant extracts and aromatic oils many times more concentrated and effective than standard products.   We offer two excellent anti-ageing facials.

Youth Booster          70 minutes   £70.00
Richly replenishes mature skin facing hormonal changes, leaving it velvety-smooth and radiant, with less noticeable lines - the secret is Japanese Pueraria Lobata, the “forever young” plant

Skin Firmer          70 minutes   £70.00
Restores deep down youthful firmness and glow to skin that’s starting to look less supple, smooth and fresh as years go by - the secret is vitamin rich Hop from Bavaria with energising and firming properties